The building is located in Hyde Park - Woodlawn

Across the street from the University of Chicago and literally just steps away from the UC Law school and the new UC Graduate student dormitory.

It's close to public transportation, parks, Lake Michigan and beaches.

20 minutes away from downtown Chicago by car (via Lakeshore Drive).

CTA bus stops right across the street.

Greenwood Avenue is a one way street, there is little traffic. The neighborhood is very quiet, in part because the street is lined with majestic maple trees.

The property address is 6122 S Greenwood Ave, Chicago IL    Google Map

Click here to see UC South Campus development projects. Here you can find what is being built right now across the street from this Condominium building:

A new University of Chicago Residence Hall is currently being built just around the corner, and will be finished in less than a year. This Residence Hall will also include a dining hall, a coffee shop, and a convenience store.

A new 180,000 sq. ft. 100-million dollar "Center for the Creative and Performing Arts" just two blocks west of this building (less than 300 yards away).

Read these articles in the press about Hyde Park Real Estate and The University of Chicago development projects.

The view from the top floor (Old pictures -last winter):

To the North

To the South

From the patio in the back

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